Cry to my Angel

  Every time I seem to get a bit closer Seems like you get even further You’re all the way at heavens surface Me on earth feeling, like I’m in the Inferno.   I’m for certain you’re an angelic angel Sorry, I don’t have wings to come any further So please come back to me... Continue Reading →

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My first novel sample. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it? Feedback is appreciated!

Once upon a time, in land far beyond our own were humans, magic and creatures all lived together. Where the good lived in peace and the evil dwelled in the shadows. Where fear had, thought ceased to exist. From many Kingdoms, this tale is about a special one called, The Kingdom of Fortis. This Kingdom... Continue Reading →

INFJ…A Blessing or Curse?

So, readers, I'm no psychologist but one thing I do know is that I am an INFJ. First off all let me just apologize for being off topic, it's something that I always wondered about. I first found out my personality about five years ago when I took the Myers Briggs test, and let me... Continue Reading →

Free Promoting! Any creative writing…

Hey, there fellow creative writers! I have just started a blog to promote my upcoming novel. Since there is so much space and I'm paying for it anyway, I decided to help other creative writers promote their work also. Any writing is acceptable. Even if it's a campaign for an upcoming novel. I will be... Continue Reading →

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