First cover design for my Novel…

Hey people, what do you think of my first cover design?


9 thoughts on “First cover design for my Novel…

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  1. Love your cover design. I too am a fantasy writer. Would love for you to promote my book.

    Do you design work for others? I have a book two coming out soon and would love to discuss potential designs? Let me know and congratulations!

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    1. Hi there Wendy and congrats on the writing! I hope its going great. BTW thanks for your impression on my cover, I really appreciate it. Wow a second book really impressive and yes I would love to promote your book and help out for ideas for the cover. Just pm me with what you have and we can go from there 🙂 Thanks again!


    1. Hi, thanks so much S.D. Michaels! I just finished the rough draft and going over it again doing some changes and edits. But if you’d like I can post a sample up? Thanks again!


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