My Experience in Crowdfunding a Novel… Fail?

Hey people, today I wanted to talk about my experience in crowdfunding my novel. So let me first tell you that I have done two campaigns. The first one was with Kickstarter about 6 months ago. The 2nd one is currently active on Indiegogo with only couple weeks to go.

I started the Kickstarter campaign when I was 3/4 way done my rough draft of my Fantasy novel. I though, Maybe by the time I’m done my draft I would have funds to quickly start my next phases of my novel ( editing, cover, ISBN ect..).

But boy, I was disapointed by the end. I didnt even raise a dollar, not even a view or like! Kick myself… in the back of the head lol.

So I did research on crowdfunding a novel while I was finishing my rough draft. Couple weeks ago I finished my rough draft and thought maybe I should start a new one on Indiegogo. Especially with all the articles I have read about crowdfunding . And so I did!

I spent so much time on making it way better then the first campaign I made, even got a cover done. I know its probably not the best, but it was all I could afford saving for a month. But thats not all… I even paid for it to get marketed from Fiverr. I know its not some BIG marketing firm but for me it was what I could afford.

I paid 3 different people to do it which cost me about $20 each CAD. I thought, its not too bad on the cost side, so why not give it a try? And what a surprise I got…..

Its only been 3 weeks with 3 more to go! I bet your all dying to know the difference in my campaign so far, after getting marketed? Well take a look for yourself, if your eager enough…

So, fellow readers…what am I doing right or wrong? Please share your experiences and thoughts so we can help others, Thanks.






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