INFJ…A Blessing or Curse?

So, readers, I’m no psychologist but one thing I do know is that I am an INFJ. First off all let me just apologize for being off topic, it’s something that I always wondered about.

I first found out my personality about five years ago when I took the Myers Briggs test, and let me tell you I took it twice, back to back just to make sure lol.  I am also an Aquarius. I have no clue if it correlates, are the majority of all INFJ’s Aquarius?

I also took the test twice more one year apart, just to so if it changed, because I had grown and you see things more and more different. But nope, I’m still an INFJ!

Since then I have read countless articles about INFJs. And noticed they are 85% accurate. I’m guessing it’s only around 85% because all INFJ’s are not raised in the same conditions and circumstances. I guess that’s what makes every person different. Doesn’t matter what personality, US as individuals unique.

So lets fast forward about it being a blessing or a curse? A lot of people, including my own close ones don’t understand how hard it is to be an INFJ. Sometimes or let me say a lot of times I wish I had a different personality maybe life would be so much easier. For instance, when talking to people like for an interview or a night out, it’s so much easier when you play it out in your head but then all of sudden nothing comes out. In the end, when it’s over you replay it in your head and be like wtf was I thinking? I could have done it way smoother, but it’s too late now.

Or how about being in your head 24/7. Let me say I do enjoy being in my own head like I say “my mind is my playground” But sometimes you need a break especially when your out. What I noticed, is that when ever I drink alcoholic beverges it seems to do just that? I am by no means encouraging drinking, drink responsibly. And also I am no doctor. It’s just something I noticed personally. It might not be the same for other INFJs. And trust me, it’s not all great sometimes. It’s usually a coin toss lol. So it ends up being a dilemma!

I could keep going on and on about me personally being an INFJ and its ups and downs…but I’ll save you the time.

So fellow INFJ’s and readers, what do you think? I would love to know some of your insights and thoughts..maybe personal experiences or a problem?

Comment and share if you like. Let us all help each other in growing, Thanks!


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